All you need is determination, will, and good mood…


a) To the summit of Snežka (1602 m), the highest mountain of the Czech Republic
Program: take a minibus (a bus for bigger groups available) to Pec pod Snežkou, take a chairlift up to the summit; a hike via mountain hut Luční bouda (lunch) back to Špindlerův Mlýn (10-15 km hike)
Price: 18 EUR/ 520 CZK + 7 EUR /190,-CZK for the chairlift
The price includes: Instructor, transportation

b) To the Elbe springs – a hike to the springs of Elbe, one of the biggest European rivers
Program: take a chairlift up to Medvědín, hike to the Elbe springs, via mountain hut Labská bouda and Elbe waterfalls back to Špindlerův Mlýn (approx. 15 km)
Price: 15 EUR /CZK 420,-/person
The price includes: instructor, chairlift to Medvědín
Full-day program: approx. 9:00-17:00
Available: May-September (October)

  Mountain bike trips
Characteristics: MTB trip in a mountain terrain
1. From Medvědín to Benecko and back
2. To the mountain hut at Bílé Labe
3. Via Krásná Pláň to Strážný and back
Possibilities are to either start in the valley (for advanced riders), or to take a chairlift, ride over mountain ridges and take a downhill back to Špindlerův Mlýn (it’s up to you to chose your route)
Price: 21 EUR / 580,-CZK/person
The Price includes: Instructor, rental of a mountain bike and a helmet (chairlift cost for easier alternative: 3 EUR /80 CZK /person)
Alternatives: possible to combine with horseback riding, bridging and rappelling of Labská dam, or a summer sledging trail
Full-day program: approx. 9:00-17:00
Available: May-September (October)
  Rafting on Jizera or Elbe River
Characteristics: Very easy rafting, also for families with children. Nice and relaxing day on the river, surrounded by beautiful protected countryside area Czech Paradise. Take a minibus to Malá Skála, rafting on the Jizera River – possible refreshment – and back.
Learning to control a boat and what to expect from river.
Full day program: approx. 10:00-15:00
Price: 23 EUR /650CZK ,-/person (4 persons min.)
The price includes: Instructor, transportation, equipment
Available: May – September (October)
  Rock or training wall climbing
Characteristics: the aim is not only to familiarize yourself with material and basic climbing techniques, but also to see what the climber’s feeling is about when resisting gravitation laws. Take a minibus to rocks near Strážný and back, or practice on artificial wall in Špindlerův Mlýn.
Price: 26 EUR /730,-CZK/person
The price includes: instructor, material, transportation
Full-day program: approx. 10:00-16:00
Available: May-September (October)
  Horseback riding
Characteristics: Transportation to stables close to Strážný,
a ride or a riding lesson, transportation back. Half-day program, possible to combine with climbing, MTB trip, bridging or rappelling
Price: 18 EUR /490,-CZK/person/one hour riding
The price includes: instructor, riding lesson or a ride, transportation.
Available: May-September (October)

Paragliding Mini-course – short introductory courses
Characteristics: Do you wish to start flying but don’t know how? This is the best way for a safe try. During these courses, basics of paragliding are introduced on very safe paragliding gliders. Take a minibus to the practice spot, have a three to five-hour lesson, and take the minibus back to Špindlerův Mlýn.
Price: 3-hour lesson: 35 EUR /990 CZK /1-4 persons
4-hour lesson: 43 EUR /1190 CZK /1-4 persons
5-hour lesson: 50 EUR /1390 CZK /1-4 persons
The price includes: instructor, paragliding lessons, equipment, transportation
Full-day program: approx. 10:00-16:00
Available: May-September (October)


Tandem paragliding
Characteristics: Flying with an experienced pilot, you can admire the beauties of Krkonoše and Špindlerův Mlýn from a bird’s perspective. Depending on weather conditions, the flights are from Medvědín or Plane above Špindlerův Mlýn.
All you need is a bit of courage and a desire to try…
Price: 68 EUR /1900 CZK /person
The price includes: instructor, equipment
Full-day program: approx. 10:00-16:00
Available: dailly according to the weather


Motto: … approaching a rock edge, butterflies in your stomach, your heart is in your neck. The instructor starts the countdown…3…2…1…Jump! So you trust him and do the last step and… after a wile you wake up again, feel the gaining speed, the wind whistling in your ears, and suddenly comes a safe landing on the other side of the valley. Nothing more to say, just come and try it! It’s really cool, simply an adrenaline injection.
Price: 9 EUR /240 CZK /one ride/person
The price includes: instructor and his good advice J, equipment
Full-day program: approx. 10:00-16:00
Available: during summer holidays (July – August) - every day
In the other months at the weekend
Location: Labská dam, Špindlerův Mlýn


Rappelling (and bridging)
Characteristics: Quick and easy introduction to rappelling. You will learn how to use basic equipment for rappelling on the Labská dam in Špindlerův Mlýn, and getting down a 35-m wall will be
a piece of cake. Just do the first step and…
You’ll get one free bridging ride as a bonus.
Price: 23 EUR/650 CZK /person
1 x rappelling – 7 EUR/190,- CZK / person
The price includes: instructor, equipment and a bridging bonus
Full-day program: approx. 10:00-16:00
Available: May-September (October)


An Adrenaline Cocktail in Špindlerův Mlýn
Rappelling down the Labská dam
Bridging over the Labská dam
Bungee running – a run on a rubber rope
Characteristics: a well-mixed cocktail of adrenaline activities around the Labská dam where everybody can try single activities several times.
Price: 28 EUR/780 CZK /person (in a package)
The price includes: instructor, equipment


Characteristics: An introductory lesson of archery by an experienced instructor – hitting a target is not the goal; what matters is trying something new.
This activity can be bought on its own (1 hour), or combined with the previous Adrenaline Cocktail
Price: 14 EUR /400CZK /person (1 hour)
34EUR/940CZK/person (package of rappelling, bridging, bungee running and archery)
The price includes: instructor, equipment and a good advice


Downhill terrain scooters
Characteristics: Try a terrain-scooter downhill from Krkonoše ridges – mountain bikes are history! A new experience
for everyone!
Price: 14 EUR /380CZK /person
The price includes: instructor, scooter and helmet rental, chairlift ticket
Start: everyday at 11:00 am, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00
from Adventure park.
Program: approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes
Available: May – September (October)


Characteristics: Together with an experienced instructor, you can set on the way
at the sunrise or even during the afternoon, and walk to lake or river. Relaxing, enjoyment, learning experience and hunt excitement – all in one.
A guide, permissions, equipment and transportation (for more distant localities) will be arranged.
Equipment rental per person and day …… CZK 350,-
Transportation to different localities (2-3 persons only) CZK 2,-/km
Full-day program: time can be set as per the client

  Low and high ropeways, tennis, squash, and more

„Adventure park – rope park“ with Giant swing in the hight 17 m.
A high rope park with barriers high in the air – group activities at a height of 16m above ground based on teamwork, courage and overcoming your fear.
Giant swing - "micro gravity and tempting overload" is something you haven´t experienced yet - 16m-high swing is one of the highest swings in Europe.
Giant letter + Net + Bungeetrampolin
Price: 12 EUR /340CZK /person – 1jump
7 EUR /180CZK /all the other activities
Bungeetrampolin – 3 EUR /80 CZK/10min
Available: all of the year

  Qadrange - Quads
Characteristics: Quads - trips on motor quad bikes with a guide in Špindlerův Mlýn and its surroundings is going to be the kind of experience that you´ll never forget (duration about 2,5 hours). We organise these trips in foodhills of Krkonoše and other locations too.
Price: 64 EUR /1800 CZK /person
The price includes: instructor, quad, helmet and transport
Program: 2,5 hours
Available: all year

Charakteristics: While playing this game full of action you´ll forget about everything. Total rest and relaxation. Recommended to small groups or individuals.
Price: 21EUR/580,-CZK / Person, duration 1 hour,
from 4 to 10 persons
Including: loan of paintball weapons, disguise, eyes and head protector, munitions (100 pieces
of bullets), instruction/training and instructor – referee, every extra bullet – 2 CZK
Note: The minimum age is 18 years


Paintball + quads
Experience trip on quads in Giant Mountains surroundings during which you will play paintball game. Enjoy half-day of remarkable experience!
Price: 71 EUR /1990,- CZK / Person
Including: quads, paintball equipment, safety mask, protective clothing, 100 shots, guide.
Quads drivers must have valid car driving licence. Price calculation for Groups:
Group 15 - 30 pers..... ............. - 10%