Accordingly to your wishes we arrange private trips to any Czech Unesco town:

  Český Krumlov
South Bohemia, UNESCO - 1992
Český Krumlov is one of the most beautiful and the best preserved towns in the terms of architecture in Czech Republic. It is situated in the Vltava river valley at the foot of the wooded Sumava. The town which was first mentioned in chronicles as early as the mid 13th century is the unique complex of three hundred historical houses and building. The castle - the second biggest in Czech Republic - has nice renaissance park and castle baroque theater with completely preserved stage machinery.
South Bohemia, UNESCO - 1992

Telč is town of irresistible beauty situated at the Czech - Moravian frontier. The town was founded in the 13th century at the intersection of busy trade routes. The originally Gothic castle was rebuilt in the second half of the 16th century in the Renaissance style and today ranks among the best preserved architectural complex with well - preserved valuable interiors. You should not miss the unusual opportunity walk around the town´s square, which is encircled with picturesque houses with decorative fronts and arcades.
East Bohemia, UNESCO - 1999

Litomyšl was founded in the 13th century in the place of an important trade route connecting Bohemia and Moravia. You will visit an impressive renaissance chateau (dating from 1568 - 1581) with more then 8 000 sgraffits. The castle complex includes a birth place of famous Czech composer Bedrich Smetana, a castle brewery, small baroque theater and amphitheater in the castle park. The ancient square with Renaissance and Baroque houses is one of the largest in the country.
  Lednice - a romantic landscape
South Moravia, UNESCO - 1996

Lednice is one of the most frequented places in the country thanks to its historical monuments of world importance - two Neo-Romantic Gothic Chateaus, the unique largest English park in the whole of the continental Europe contains many exotic trees and romantic buildings. As this is a wine region, you should spare some time to spend in a cool wine cellar over a few glasses of good wine, listening to harmonica or cymbalom.
  Kutná Hora - Country´s treasury and jewel
East Bohemia, UNESCO - 1995

Kutná Hora is extremely interesting town in terms of architecture. It was founded on the early Middle ages in the center of a large deposit of silver and gradually became the second town in importance after Prague. You will absorb the unique atmosphere of the Baroque and Gothic style - the St. Barbaras Church, Italian Court, the former Royal Mint that once produced Prague Groschen, Cemetery at Sedlec with a Gothic ossuary decorated with the bones of 40 000 people.
  Holašovice - European village
South Bohemian, UNESCO - 1998

Holašovice is an exceptionally complete and well preserved example of a traditional Central European village, containing a number of high - quality vernacular building from the 18th and 19th centuries in a style know as the "South Bohemian Folk Baroque" and preserving a ground plan dating from the Middle ages.
  Kroměříž - Athens of Moravia
Central Moravia, UNESCO - 1998

Kroměříž was founded in the 13th century on the river of the same name, in a fertile lowland where human settlements date back to the dawn of history. You will be enchanted by the town's churches, with the Baroque and Gothic architecture, by the English park and beautiful Garden of Blossoms.