Dental services - „ …. to make you smile“

Newly opened private dental care establishment, which is situated just in the centre of Prague.

  • 12 completely new surgeries
  • 2 operating rooms
  • 2 dental hygiene surgeries
  • fully digital radiology services
  • dental laboratories offering a wide range of prosthetic service.

Thanks to the language skills of our staff, we are prepared to offer our services also to foreign clients, whereby most of our prices are several times lower than those in other EU countries.

In our surgeries, we provide complex specialised care for your dentition, naturally with a professional and obliging approach by all our personnel. Our priority is the comfort of our clients and painless procedures.

  Services offered:
Preventive dental care (dental hygiene, removal of tartar, fluoridation, sealing of figures)
Emergency care for acute pain
Conservative dental care (classical and aesthetic fillings, inlays, onlays, endodoncy)
Aesthetic dentistry (whitening of teeth – at home and in the surgery (Brite Smile etc.), aesthetic composite or ceramic fillings, etc.)
Paradontology (diagnosis and treatment of disea gingival disease and paradontosis)
Dental surgery
Orthodontia removable and fixed
Prosthetics (all types of reconstruction and dentures from individual crowns to total dentures)
Fully digital radiology services (panoramic X-rays, intra-oral camera, radio-vsiography, tele-X rays)
Therapeutic and water laser
  All procedures are practically painless –we use very sensitive local anaesthesia, whereby the dentist also anaesthetises the site of injection. Another method involves general analgo-sedation, especially in the case of more extensive and complex procedures or whenever the client wishes.